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Image of YETI.

Roaming the wilds alone in search of power tones... you stumble in the snow and come upon the YETI! The power of the north winds and shear brute strength are in its command. It howls! it sheiks! IT SHREDS... IT RIFFS. Stiffer and more articulate than Drone or Torch, its power lies in the mids, with a telltale "CHONK". Pairs best sonically with another Yeti... or NOTHING AT ALL!!!

- Medium/high output, with big mids, great of early 90's style shred, with a touch of warmth.
- 11.7-12.4k DC output.
- alnico v magnet.
- 2 conductor standard.
- partially wax potted for warmth and stability.
- heavy military spec, fully shielded wiring.