$120.00 - Coming soon

Image of WOOD GIANT.

The third in the GIANT lineup, which utilize the fabled and mysterious ALNICO VIII magnet. The WOOD GIANT is a soapbar slot P90, packing more heat than a firestorm. The overwhelming theme here is volume, and they have plenty of it in all respects. For a thick, "BARROOOOM!" kind of bottom end, while still maintaining high end detail, consider this legend in the making. A pair hum-cancels in the center position for full body spectrum.

- Medium/high output. Fat, aggressive bottom end and chimey highs. very loud, very hot.
- 10.3-12.5K ohms.
- ALNICO VIII magnet.
- Pairs are hum-cancelling in center position.
- Fully wax-potted to resist high volume/pressure feedback.
- 2 conductor.