$110.00 - Coming soon


First of the GIANT series, signifying the use of the mystical, fabled and uncommonly utilized ALNICO VIII magnets. Only the deep mystery of the Earth itself could keep the bludgeoning power at bay... BUT NO LONGER!

Available for the first time as a standard production model for 2016, the STONE GIANT will burst any previously held ideals of passive power like tiny pimples. Tight, balanced, responsive, and absolutely huge... a tone like hammered steel and ready for fast machine gun-like riffs, the very name in raw power.

**NEW FOR HOLIDAY 2018 - ANDESITE AND DIORITE editions! These two twins have a little something extra under the hood... And that's all I'm saying.**

- High output. Balanced with tight compression, percussive and powerful. fast and loud.
- 14-16k ohms.
- ALNICO VIII magnet.
- 2-conductor standard.
- Fully wax-potted to resist high volume/pressure feedback.
- Heavy military spec, fully shielded wiring.