$120.00 - Coming soon

Image of P90H

It took a long time to get everything just right with these, from the tone to the custom finishes, but holy hell was it worth it. the larger, flatter coil of the P90 and all its fat tonal bliss packed into a humbucker sized coil now available as a neck, a bridge, or as a set. Utilizing custom, vulcanized fiberboard bobbins, hand fitted to just the right height... and then lovingly splattered, spattered, kicked around and spit on till they glisten like gutter moss.

Absolutely nothing will stand in the way, not love nor quiet. They could save the world... OR END IT.

- Medium output. Big and fat, bell-like with great sustain and power. MEATY!
- 10.8-13.2K ohms.
- Reverse wound at the neck for hum cancellation in the middle position with another P90H or GHOSTCOIL.
- Ceramic magnets.
- 2 conductor.
- Fully wax-potted to resist high volume/pressure feedback.
- Heavy military spec, fully shielded wiring.
- Custom painted bobbins unique to each pickup. one and done.