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Image of GHOST COIL. Image of GHOST COIL. Image of GHOST COIL.

For those who crave the sound of a single coil, but have guitars routed out for humbuckers only... salvation is at hand! The warm natural punch of yesteryear is available in GHOST COIL. Round and clear, with the slightest hint of twang, this will satisfy anyone looking for that old school tone. It may register as low output, but DO NOT be fooled. They riff. They spank. These fat puppies have some tricks up their sleeves, and can hang easily with modest-output humbuckers. They pair extremely well with CRONE humbuckers, available right here at BLK/TRI.

- Medium output, seriously fat single coil, great sustain, warm with less snap.
- 7.4-7.8k
- reverse wound for neck application.
- alnico v/ceramic magnets.
- 2 conductor.
- zero potting for maximum sonic transparency and grit.
- ghost coil wrapped in cotton, jute, or hemp twine. check for availability.
- heavy military spec, fully shielded wiring.