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BLKTRI is resurrected after an unusually long sleep, and to celebrate, we introduce a new LIMITED EDITION, ONE-TIME-ONLY model: the FORSETI/AOC. AOC stands for AUTHOR OF CONSEQUENCE, as this model is named for the Norse god of judgement, and settler of disputes. He handed down his verdicts beneath a roof of shining silver in the halls of Glitnir, and as such, we offer these with a special eons-aged silver foil finish. While all maintain the same finishing process, each one is unique. All come with black adjustable pole and slug hardware, and utilize the power of ALNICO V and CERAMIC hybrid power! What you get is a THICK full body character like an ancient grove of pine thats pushed into hyper drive and keeps a healthy amount of icy cut for articulation. Despite, they can still be rolled back from full on blizzard to mild flurries with a twist of your volume knob. This pickup was designed with black and death metal styles in mind, with a wintery twist! This model is available only for the bridge position.

Only 10 of these will exist as a short run. When they're gone, they're gone. Period. This finish is very thin and will age quickly. Expect it. Embrace it. Leave your mark. Full shred tone will remain.

- High output with thick body and clear crisp highs.
- 18.1-18.7k
- Alnico v/ceramic magnets.
- 2 conductor standard.
- Fully wax-potted
- Heavy military spec, fully shielded wiring.
- LIMITED EDITION short run of only 10 bridge models for winter 2017.