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Image of DRONE. Image of DRONE. Image of DRONE.

If maximum riffage is what you seek, and power is your ally... can you withstand the barrage of the Drone?! Extra smooth but with a heavy hand, the dual ceramic magic dealt by the Drone will have you late for dinner... FOREVER. Clear and focused, a bit tighter and more powerful version of Torch. Heady lows and mids with enough highs for cut, without being harsh. Pairs well as a bridge piece with a TORCH or DRONE at the neck, or as a neck piece with a YETI at the bridge.

- Medium to medium/high output with some compression. Tighter than TORCH, but similar character.
- 8.8v-9.4k
- ceramic magnets.
- 2 conductor standard.
- partially potted for warmth and stability.
- heavy military spec, fully shielded wiring.