DESTROYER bass pickups

$99.00 - Coming soon

Image of DESTROYER bass pickups Image of DESTROYER bass pickups

The DESTROYER is finally here. Bass players of the world now have one more option... one more weapon in the pursuit of girth, clarity, and response! The DESTROYER features beefy ALNICO V magnets in a split RVW/RVP configuration to produce hum-cancelling neck/body pickups for the somewhat standard PBASS-style routes and mounts. To match for those with a JBASS route and mount, our new single coil bridge model will bring you the punch and mid-range you deserve! It is time, friends.

- Medium output. Big & punchy with excellent clarity. Big smooth booty.
- 12.4-12.6K ohms for PBASS.
- 10.2-10.5K ohms for JBASS.
- Hum-cancelling.
- Fully wax-potted to resist high volume/pressure feedback.
- Solid core wiring.