B L K / T R I

B L K / T R I

B L K / T R I hand-wound scatter coil pickups are made one at a time by the hands of mike moses, artist, tattooer, tone-seeker (yours truly) in the frigid winter wonderland of Columbus, Ohio, USA. This endeavor is hand managed, and as such you may notice some subtle differences from your average peddler of tone-increasing electronics. 

Stock will be lower than your typical shop as pickups are available only as they are made, and shall be posted in random quantity batches and materials. These are specialty items. Everything is first come, first served. 

There will at times be a reasonable wait involved in new batches, or even answers to queries. As this is not my only endeavor, a little patience on the part of the customer is appreciated. Making these things takes a good amount of time, and no small amount of care. I'm very passionate and adamant about my quality of product, and that I refuse to compromise on.

Not only is every pickup built by me, but the final stage of quality control involves it being installed and played by me as well, until I have been satisfied by its performance. Only when maximum riffage is obtained, does anything get posted to the store. It may not be an industry first, but I guarantee its highly uncommon. Not only is this necessary in my mind to determine whether or not there are any defects in workmanship, which at times can be almost unnoticeable without it, but its absolutely required for an accurate depiction of the sonic qualities inherent in each individual pickup. No two are exactly alike. Even when made to the same specifications, subtleties in coil tension, shape, winding, etc. can ultimately alter and color the response/sound between two pickups of the same model. Seeing as how these are entirely hand-made, these circumstances are fact. 

B L K / T R I may well be unique in the vision that the pickups are not made to accommodate every style, nor every player. I design and build pickups based on my own personal preference towards music; in a word: heavy. These are not "vintage spec". These are not cheaper versions of *insert name brand*. These are unique, tough-ass pickups designed and hand-built to maximize girth, presence, and natural tonal transparency from guitar to amp, and letting the amp do what it was designed for: BLOWING FACES OFF. If thats not what you want to do, then these are NOT the droids you're looking for. I am here to increase the wall of noise, and on that I do not equivocate.

B L K / T R I pickups are passive only. Ever. Period. If you have to rely on a 9v to get you there, you're doing it wrong. DEATH TO BATTERIES. 

Each and EVERY single pickup from B L K / T R I passes rigorous testing done exclusively by me, and as such comes with a rock-solid lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship and performance. That does NOT make them bulletproof. If you do something insanely stupid to your guitar (ie: lighting it on fire, jumping into lava, force-feeding it mud and Jim Beam, shooting it with actual bullets), the pickups may indeed fail. These types of activities are NOT covered by this guarantee. If one should fail under normal and acceptable playing circumstances, it will be repaired or replaced at my discretion based on access to parts which at times, depending on model, may be difficult to locate. Return shipping is on you, and replacement shipping is on me. Make sense? By purchasing any pickup you agree to these terms.  Attempting to "open" or modify my pickups at all in any way WILL INDEED nullify this guarantee and you're on your own. (DO NOT remove tape from pickups, it is structurally necessary and oftentimes doing so will break the very very thin wire which comprises the coil... and then you're screwed.) Again, I built all of them. I WILL be able to tell. Expect repair/replacement turnaround to be 4-6 weeks. It may take less, but not likely.

I thank you whole-heartedly for taking the time to read the full information page, and paying my site a visit. If you have questions: please ask. If you are truly daring: pick one up, drop it in, and find out for yourself. The difference WILL be noticeable. Just ask the cops. 

-mike moses  February, 2015.